You can´t afford not to.

Mexico´s Electricity rates for INDUSTRIAL use INCREASE an average of 12% per year.

So, if you take a $100,000 dollar a month electric bill with an industrial rate and add up the average cost increments of 25 years your monthly bill will come up to $970,000 dlls/per month.

Can you imagine paying close to 1 million dollars a month for electricity?

Do you want to know what your electric bill amount will be in 5,10 years? Give us a call.


  • We have the technical know-how and expertise
  • We know the region
  • We know the permit process
  • We have the contacts
  • We have it done before and will continue to successfully replicate the process

To obtain more information about our Industrial projects and more specifically about Plamex´s solar central system success story please send us your contact information.

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