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How do Photovoltaics work?
Sun rays on photovoltaic modules (or solar panels) produce DC electricity which is converted to AC by an inverter. The inverter is wired into your main service panel where it feeds your internal power grid.

How long will PV modules last?
Generally speaking, a solar panel will last 30 years or more and lose some ½ percent (0.5%) conversion efficiency annually.

Is there any advancement in technology?
Photovoltaic technology has improved very slowly over time. Thus, there are no important breakthroughs to wait for.

Overcast days
A PhotoVoltaic system that is grid- connected may switch to the grid to obtain power when needed. When a system is designed the year round weather patterns are taken into account and averaged out.

Roof mounted or ground mounted?
Roof mounted systems tend to be less expensive because they require a simple support structure. Ground-mounted systems can usually be tilted to increase production optimization. It all depends on your needs.