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Solar design

The size of the system is usually very close to a direct proportion of the amount of power you use and your available roof or parking space. Amongst other data, we analyze the last twelve months' worth of utility statements, perform a site assessment and ask if you have expansion in your business plans.

Do I need batteries?
Most customers inquire about batteries and ultimately choose to do without based on cost. It all depends on your unique needs. If you are off the grid, you have to use batteries.

Will my roof be able to support the system?
Photovoltaic panels weigh around 3-4 lbs/sq ft. We will check the condition of your roof so you can rest assured you roof may support that weight.

Can I plan for future growth now?
Yes of course. We always ask our clients about any growth possibilities and use this information when planning your system. Sometimes it may make sense to include excess inverter capacity at the beginning and add more modules later.