Deciding to install solar panels on your rooftop comes with a lot of questions: How many and why? At which angle to install them? Which way does the sun rise and set on your roof? The team at 3Tek SOLAR will help you with all these questions so you can make the best decision.

Carports are ideal for businesses or homes with limited roof space. They help you take full advantage of parking areas, large or small, for producing electricity while providing shade or cover.

They require little maintenance and also allow easy access to panels for service. 3Tek SOLAR´s team includes architects and contractors that can design and build a carport structure that will give you the results you need.

More than ever, Solar panels are being integrated into the construction of new buildings as a source of electrical power. You may actually integrate the solar panels into the building (BIPV: Building integrated photovoltaic) or attach them (BAPV: Building attached photovoltaic) to the building you already have.

Panels used in building facades may also be a creative way to replace glass in your architectural design.

3Tek SOLAR´s team of architects and designers will work with you to make sure that your solar module installation is a well integrated, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient PV system.

Solar farms
If you are a farmer, have an animal farming business or own a large piece of idle land you must consider all the possibilities that a photovoltaic system has to offer. You may be able to generate all the power you need. Asks us about all the ways you may be able to generate savings from a new source – the sun.

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