Step 1: Project Planning

We take into account our clients´ operational schedule, engineering, permitting, construction and utility interconnection requirements.

Step 2: Securing Permits

Systems that have an installed capacity of more than 500 KVA´s require a special permit from the government.

This item takes technical know-how to comply with all the requirements. We have ample experience in permit procurement and have all the necessary contacts.

Step 3: Schedule Review

We want to make sure the installation and start up process flow as smoothly as possible so your operations are not affected.

Step 4: Construction

Besides being the actual constructor and installer, we manage the flow of information and provide weekly updates to our customers on progress, upcoming work and potential conflicts. We come up with solutions and options to review with our clients.

Step 5: Municipality Authorization

In the case of construction (more specifically in the case of a carport with PV panels) the municipality must inspect and authorize the finished construction.

Step 6: Electric Utility Authorization

The utility company reviews all the documentation and permit applications that have been submitted and then proceeds to physically inspect the installation to make sure it complies with code. After this it gives its authorization.

Step 7: Continuous Performance Monitoring by 3Tek SOLAR (for systems of 25 kW and over with a performance monitoring software installed)

When your solar panel system is in operation we begin to closely watch and track your systems´ performance for one whole year. In the first semester you will receive a monthly report that compares the actual production performance to the forecast. During the second semester you will receive a bi-monthly report. At the end of the first year you will receive an annual report.