Below, you will see the steps in the buying process.

Step 1: Goals & Objectives

For our Analysis & Design phase we start with understanding our customers' needs and priorities.

We want to know what you hope to get from a solar project so choose options in the Design phase to better meet your needs.

We ask for building and site plans.

Step 2: PV info for Clients

We understand that PV technology is fairly new to business owners and leaders looking at it for the first time.

There are many differences between PV module brands. It´s important to us that future PV owners understand the differences and appreciate the pro´s and con´s associated with the various options available. Rest assured, we will assist you.

Step 3: Analysis & Design

We start with gathering data of our customers' electricity consumption. We take into account our knowledge of our customer's physical plant and their other goals. With this information we arrive at a few preliminary options.

Step 4: Presentation & Feedback

After presenting our proposal we welcome feedback, solicit input, and seek to fine-tune our proposal to best fit our customers' goals.

Step 5: Installation Feasibility Assessment

Along with our clients we determine structural integrity, assess roof conditions and-or other more detailed evaluations in case they are needed.

Step 6: Exploring Funding Options and Tax breaks

Funding is frequently a critical piece of the puzzle. To refer to the pro´s and con´s of the various financing strategies click on www.3teksolar/Savings/

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